Aged Care

In order to provide an exceptional customer experience to residents of aged-care facilities, it is important that all monitoring and security equipment is discreet. Our I-Care hardware, e.g. call-buttons, and floor and bed pads, is designed to be as invisible or as obvious as you require.

Within aged-care, patient and resident services can be wide ranging, including dementia and high-care/secure wards. In these environments, I-Care is the optimum system, catering for wet bed, time out of bed, and movement detection. Our duress and man-down systems, with or without location reporting, are also seamlessly integrated into I-Care, giving you and the families of the people in your care peace of mind and security.

Our ultimate aim is not only to provide an affordable, safe and secure system but also an environment in which residents feel at home in an atmosphere where our technology, although an essential part of your infrastructure, is unobtrusive.

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