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Arrival Compliancy Solution

Automate compliance at your facility by integrating arrival check-ins, wage-processing, fever-detection and other critical systems, for visitors, staff and contractors.

Features of Arrival Compliancy: Geo fence, hazard register, contractor platform, Check ins
Contractor, visitor and staff compliance


Records and stores data for compliance such as responses for federal COVID19 check in questionnaires. QR codes for state check-ins can easily be produced


Fully equipped to handle security risks and cyber attacks, with ISO 27001 accreditation

Intuitive Interface

Easy to use experience for those entering at the kiosk and administrators behind the scenes

Risk Mitigation

Provides a full audit, time and date stamped, for all people entering your facility & keeps staff away from potential infection


Relieves reception and administration staff to complete other duties


Functions are customisable to provide the check-in capablities and data you require to remain compliant and protect your facility

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Cloud Based Contractor Management:

  • Simple platform for contractors to upload their compliance documents, add the contact details of their sub-contractors and more
  • Calendar features automatically alert you and your contractors when documents need to be updated
  • Contractors can sign in and out of site using; QR codes with biometric validation; automatic sign in with geo-fence; or a simple form on their smart phone
  • Geo-fence feature enables invoice validation
  • Lone contractor duress feature available

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