Ensuring you and your staff can receive pages and texts wherever they are is critical to your ability to deliver great service. Our intelligent messaging technology is the perfect solution. Elegant, flexible, easy-to-use, responsive and fully featured, it brings your systems together to deliver seamless communication. It also saves you time, money and frustration.

We currently provide a range of paging and messaging systems, hardware and accessories to millions of people around the world – systems which easily interface with any number of messaging devices, including CISCO, Vocera, Spectralink, DECT, email, signs and smartphone applications.


Enjoy incredibly cheap rates and ease of connection. Smartphones are included as part of this messaging solution.


Xacom offers innovative and expert paging solutions that allow for critical alerts across wide areas as well as in-plant. Pagers are included as part of this messaging solution.

Our customers include major paging and SMS providers, casinos, hospitals, aged-care facilities, retirement villages, retail outlets, hotels, commercial complexes and industrial sites throughout Europe, South America, India, and Australasia.
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We can design and implement new systems or complete upgrades. Our maintenance, service and support can also provide an excellent adjunct to your existing systems.

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