“We care as much as you do”

What does our new brand promise really mean and where does it come from? We have been working diligently on our longer term vision and strategy. Part of the process included spending time with our key clients to understand their biggest challenges, vision and strategy so we could align ours with theirs. What we found was that many of our clients are now operating in a highly competitive environment, which was not always the case. In order for our clients to be more successful Xacom needed to lift its game and improve the experience for our client’s clients.

It is all about care

Xacom offers a wide range of systems, solutions, service and support to many different industries. The common denominator is ‘care’. Our aged care and hospital clients care about the experience of their clients, the client’s family and their staff. Our corporate security clients care about protecting their assets and people. Our messaging clients care about getting the right message out to the right people in a timely and accurate manner.

We also asked our staff what motivates them to look after our clients and solve problems promptly when they arise. It became obvious very quickly that our staff care deeply about our clients and well beyond what they are expected to do in their day to day jobs.

We looked hard at our competitors, at their websites, at their marketing and at what they are saying in the marketplace. What we found surprised us. They all lead with their products and technology, not service and support.

We undoubtedly need great products and technology to do what we do but these alone will not ensure our clients and their clients receive the best level of care possible. So, we decided it was imperative that we change our focus to become a service and support led business. Our products and technology would now sit in the background and our people at the front.

So now you know!