Does high risk always have to mean high price?

80% of doctors face violence from patients

The stakes are high in healthcare, for everyone. So much so, that you can not longer have a conversation about care without talking about risk mitigation. Smaller medical clinics and general practices are often overlooked, but they face many of the same risks as larger healthcare facilities such as patient aggression.

A 2018 report  showed that four out of five Australian GP’s have experienced violence from aggressive patients. According to the RACGP, general practice managers are responsible for protecting their staff and patients from violence and other risks. Not only this, but they are required to prove to regulatory authorities they have done all they can to keep their facility safe.

"The price tag just isn’t justifiable."

In their Standards for General Practices the RACGP recommends installing panic and duress alarms for dealing with aggression and other emergencies. While there are critical communication solutions to assist larger hospitals, smaller businesses such as medical clinics, doctor’s rooms, small surgeries and general practices don’t often have the budget or need for these complicated systems – the price tag just isn’t justifiable. 

Risk management solutions need to be affordable for small clinics

There is a need for safety solutions that are tailored to the needs of smaller businesses. They need both the assurance of safety, and to be able to report on it to comply with OH+S laws and regulatory authorities. To lift this very real burden of liability on practice managers, Xacom created the I-Care X5-IP-Micro. 

"There is a need for safety solutions that are tailored to the needs of smaller businesses."

This ‘micro’ critical alarm system is designed to be customised to the needs of small medical clinics. Any number of call, assist and duress buttons can be installed wherever they are needed, to send an alert to any destination desired. After an incident where an alert has been triggered, instant reporting provides a comprehensive view of the event. The system can also integrate with CCTV and access control to produce a multi-system report on any critical event, making sure you can understand and provide information on an incident from every angle.

The I-Care X5-IP-Micro is a simple and cost effective solution, with the flexibility to scale with a business as it grows, allowing additional call points, destinations, reporting options and other systems to be integrated as required. 

Our systems are designed to relieve the burden of liability and the stresses of manual reporting for compliance, so you can get back to what matters most: caring for your staff and patients. Let us know what sort of safety solution you need, so we can help you focus on care. 

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