Simple, Secure Critical Messaging for Hospitals

Simple, Secure Critical Messaging for Hospitals

The Challenge

One of Melbourne’s largest and most prestigious hospitals had implemented various critical communication methods over the years. However, staff were burdened with carrying numerous devices such as pagers, smartphones and other handsets. 

Systems and their associated devices were becoming numerous and complex to manage for both IT staff and medical professionals. It was time to streamline the communication process by consolidating into a single device.

The Solution

The solution needed to be as simple as paging so that it was easy to use. The hospital’s Chief Nursing Information Officer explained:

“Critical messaging applications shouldn’t be complex. They need to be so simple they can be used easily by any staff member in our hospital, on today’s modern devices.”

Simultaneously, the solution needed to be modern, secure and integrated with existing infrastructure. We built these elements into the Xacom Messaging App, creating the simplest and safest platform for critical communication in hospitals.

The Results

Staff were able to reduce the devices they carried to just one handset. Communications have been streamlined which allows staff to focus their attention on caring for their patients, rather than keeping track of various devices and applications. 

“Xacom’s app enabled us to simplify and streamline our communication, with limited training required for our staff.” – Chief Nursing Information Officer

Xacom exists to connect people so they feel safe, providing solutions for critical communication, compliance, access control, duress and CCTV with 24/7 support.

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