How Integrated Platforms Take Pressure Off Staff

Safe, Secure, Compliant: How integrated platforms take the pressure off staff

The Challenge for Independent Schools

What does it take to keep your school safe, secure and compliant?

Schools have a higher duty of care than most industries and the administration involved in proving compliance is growing. The result is increasing pressure on staff to complete labour intensive processes that take away from higher level activities.

Recently when speaking with one of Melbourne’s foremost independent schools, they commented:

“Most schools are handling risk management with resource heavy systems, whether those be paper-based run by administrators, or costly systems managed by IT.”

The Solution

Integration of existing systems is the next step for compliance solutions in independent schools. Smart building technology means that data can be collected automatically and then integration allows it to be delivered to a single platform. The workload for staff is reduced dramatically and human error is eliminated with real time auditing.

An example can be found in one of Australia’s global food manufacturers who have experienced the benefits of integrated compliance systems. They use fever detection cameras integrated with access control to lock down doors in case of contaminaiton. Late last year the system denied access to a manager who did not realise he was infected. Their technical adviser told us:

“The resulting quarantine would have cost us in reduced production, financial burden and staff wellbeing. A whole plant shut down… that would have cost millions.” 

She also explained the difference an automated temperature and lock down system has made for staff:

 “Staff were feeling guilty that they were turning people away with high temperatures, but now they can just appeal to our new policy and have peace of mind. It takes the pressure off. It’s all up to the system.” 

In this example contamination management was fully automated, but temperature detection and access control is just one possible integration.

How do these solutions work?

Smart building platforms can now ensure complete site compliance. Arrival Compliancy is one such integrated platform created by Xacom, integrating contractor, visitor and staff compliance with existing electronic security systems to create powerful synergies. Some of these include:

  • QR code access and geo fence automated sign in for contractors
  • Automatic removal of contractor access permissions if licenses and certificates have expired
  • CCTV analytics to detect threatening behaviour before an incident occurs 
  • Automated access control based on temperature, COVID questionnaire responses and other customisable inputs
  • Instant access control travel paths in case of contamination

Xacom’s Compliance and Security consultant explained: 

“Schools have such a high duty of care, it’s essential to automate data collection and be able to access it from a central platform. Regulations are only increasing and so smart building technology will be the way forward to manage this burden.

How could Integrated Compliance Platforms help your school?

Platforms like Arrival Compliancy are paving the way for risk management to be handled by building systems, so staff can get back to higher value activities. Safety, security and compliance does not have to cost your staff their valuable time. Discover more about integrating your existing systems into one platform through Xacom’s Arrival Compliancy. 

Xacom exists to connect people so they feel safe, providing solutions for critical communication, compliance, access control, duress and CCTV with 24/7 support.

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